I was really caught unawares by March this year. I was NOT processing the fact that I would only have 28 days of February. Yes, I did have to use the kids’ jingle to check how many days were in this month.

I was just so sure my watch was wrong when it said the 1st of March yesterday.  Of course, the first thing I thought was, I haven’t planned my monthly update! And I have to do it TODAY! 😛

Well, time waits for no one and I gave myself a little grace about writing this update on the 1st of the month as I usually do. I’m finally sitting down to write out some full sentences from the scribbled notes of yesterday.

February went by quickly, but it was so blessed by God that I don’t mind.


  • Read 9 books this month.
  • At some point I amassed a stack of books to read this year that are large and slow readers…I’m sure it wasn’t a conscious decision, but it is taking me f o r e v e r  to get through anything now.

    Amelia Peabody series 1-20
  • Finished the second of Elizabeth Peters’ Amelia Peabody series. The first has been the best so far, but, according to the friend that recommended these, they get better the further in you go…it looks like I will have plenty of time to enjoy them thoroughly. 😛


  • The Girl Who Smiled Beads was for a local book club that I ended up not being able to attend. This month’s choice is The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware.  This is on my reading list for 2019…if I can ever get my hands on it.  The library is checked out. 😛
  • Two Agatha Christie’s, three essay collections, and one book of poetry.
  • Definitely reading more of Sloane Crosley.  Finished her How Did You Get This Number this month and laughed so much.
  • Finally got around to Becoming Mrs. Lewis. Pretty good read and now I am all fired up to read more Lewis.  We will be discussing it in our book club in March.
  • Working through Girl, Wash Your Face on Hoopla.  The best, because Rachel Hollis is reading her own book and it is like getting to meet her!  And the book is so much more fun because she puts all the right inflections where they should be.  If I ever write a book, I want to do the audio as well.
  • And…I’m 9 books behind in my Reading Challenge. Oh well…


  • With my copywriting projects, I write a lot these days, but it is difficult to consider that writing, really, because it is sales copy or web copy at the least and that is a very different thing, as I have explained before.writing
  • All the same, I’m writing.
  • Jotted down some ideas for poetry and short stories.
  • I’ve been thinking more about possibly collecting some ‘shorts’ with a friend and publishing them. (These would be scenes or character sketches from the all the books we haven’t written. 😛 All jumbled together.)
  • Journaling is still a mainstay in my routine.
  • Four blog posts this month.  That would have been five, but March snuck up on me.  I had that fifth one all planned out and then it was no longer February, so that will have to be a March post.




  • life
    Me on the work site sometimes anyways, so this actually applies…

    This category is supposed to explain why I don’t have much to say in the others right now. 😛 But I never can remember what I am doing in ordinary life, so I might not be much help.



  • Right now, I am taking two online copywriting/marketing classes: one from DigitalMarketer Lab and the other from a freelance writing site called Writing Revolt. Basically, the first will give me a basic education in copywriting, with lessons, exercises, and exams (I’ll have a basic certification). In the other, I will be learning how to build a freelance business and market myself online (with more exercises and homework).
  • So I’m back to school again and completely loving it!
  • I also have about three books on copywriting and marketing and business that I am trying to get through right now…
  • Just finished one large project and a small web addition for clients. And still have an on-going sales campaign to finish, with another smaller project for a previous client. I’m glad I have some actual work to do while I’m taking my classes because it gives me the chance to apply what I am learning every day.
  • I still work part-time for my father (he is a general contractor for home maintenance), which has been great because we have had some amazing weather this week and I got to be outside in it! Much better than sitting in front of a computer every day…I enjoy being about to switch around what I am doing each day and get some variety.
  • Papa and I get to work with all kinds of people and in all kinds of weather and situations.  Makes for some great conversations and my memoir will be smashing. 😛 I especially enjoy helping out the widows in our community when they need some little repair.

    We are in for some cold weather the first week of March…
  • Did I mention the weather was beautiful? 😛 Spent as much time outside as I could.
  • We have snowdrops coming up beside our fenceline.  I love seeing these every year!  Spring? Maybe? Almost?
  • I have decided that I like doing laundry. There is nothing more relaxing or satisfying than folding mountains of clean clothes and thinking deep thoughts. 🙂
  • Exercise and being more healthy popped up this month.  And I feel so much better when I get out and move and drink enough water and get enough sleep.


  • Started out the month going with my father and younger brother to an aunt’s for the weekend. Had a blast helping her out around the house and staying up late watching movies.it happened.jpg
  • Classic movie night this month: It Happened One Night (Clark Gable, Claudette Colbert).  Great black-and-white! I loved this rom-com from 1934.  Supposedly the first romantic comedy, back when they didn’t even know what that was.  And it has Clark Gable, so a true classic. This one is definitely going on my list of keepers.


  • Spent a Saturday at my grandparents cutting down trees and splitting wood for them (they have a woodstove, like our family).  Always good family time.
  • Jacob and I rode one of his fourwheelers all over their farm.  He is always excited to get the space to ride.  Our family lives in town and doesn’t have the land.
  • My father and I had a pre-Valentine’s Day date night and then went to a father/daughter evening at our church.  Fun, food, laughter, and dancing. It was a good time.
  • On Valentine’s Day, I went out to lunch with a wonderful older couple that I haven’t seen for a long time (they are very much like another set of grandparents) and we had a wonderful time talking and laughing and catching up. Thank you to Cracker Barrel for letting us take up a table for over three hours.
  • My two-year-old niece brought flowers for my mother and me and hugs and kisses for Valentine’s Day.  Always the best. 🙂
  • Met up with friends throughout the month. Always important. Good talks and lots of bonding and fun.
  • Went to pick up a wedding dress with my friend.  It is getting closer! All the planning and parties and girl-stuff!
  • Our church hosted a family abuse talk and two councilors from a local Christian Counseling Center came to speak answer questions.  A sobering topic, but so necessary.
  • Jacob and I are watching a lot of Agents of Shield on our weekly evenings home alone when my parents have date nights.  He has moved on from Doctor Who. I’m afraid he shares my weakness for intense obsessions…
  • Attended another poetry reading for college students at Virginia Tech (and locals—though I am usually the only one that isn’t a student or professor). The poetry wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, but I still came away with some good ideas and learned something new.cake
  • Went roller skating with Jacob and some homeschool friends.
  • Made apple fritter coffee cake!  Yes.  It was amazing. 😛
  • Looked up some recipes for beets in muffins and brownies.  People actually do that…anyways, we have a lot of beets around my house because my mother likes the beet tops and she goes through a lot more of those than we can eat the beets.  So I’m trying to be creative.
  • Went ahead and bought Becoming Mrs. Lewis instead of just checking it out of the library.  I was pretty sure I would like it. And hardbacks!
  • Random moment: Jacob was trying to explain some kind of mechanical phenomenon to me (he does small engine repair and I don’t understand a single thing about it but he is v e r y  patient with me) and I was fiddling around with my computer cord, rubbing it across my face, in a great mood, and trying to pay attention.  He says, “Greta, you aren’t listening, are you?” And I look up at him and smile and say, “I’m busy eating my wire.”  And then I couldn’t stop laughing for the next half hour.  *some days*




  • Daily Planning. This is something I really need to do as my study/class and work loads are increasing.  Trying to maximize my time and still have life happen.
  • Really push through these classes. Both online classes are on-your-one time, which is great because every week is a different schedule for me, but it is also more difficult because there is no deadline.  I have to push myself more and make my own deadlines.  I hope to really make some progress this month, now that I have settled in a bit more.
  • My business website and other important stuff. There was so much that I didn’t get done in February, even though I was working all the time.  I need to get some of these details ironed out and move on to the next stage of my business.
  • Leave time to read! Because reading is my relax time and I need to unwind some as well. I posted a whole list of books that I really, really want to read this year. I am part of the way through three of them and I finished two this month.  So I’m determined to finish at least 2 or 3 more in March.
  • Read at least 10 books. I got nine this month, so it can’t be that hard, right? I have an extra three days in March…
  • Plan and Schedule Blog Posts. I already have two planned for this month and one scheduled, so I’m doing better…I have so many things I want to write about, just not always the time or energy to do anything about it.
  • Keep a healthy schedule. This includes getting exercise, enough sleep, and taking care of myself, but also means not trying to do too much and giving myself a little grace when I fall short of my goals.
  • Family and friend time. Spending time with people, not just my books. 😛
  • Spiritual health. I usually only realize how important this is when I don’t really prioritize my relationship with God.
  • Journal and have relaxing, fun times!!

And we are off to a sluggish, startled March! These next few weeks are full of expectations and surprises.  May you experience small blessings and God’s joy in the coming month!


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