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Making use of the time we have now, for we have been given assurance that God will perform His word. (Jeremiah 1:11,12)

About Me

This is always such a difficult thing to do, the introduction, and trying to say all the things about yourself in a concise way….check out my media autobiography for the books and songs that made me who I am.

Hello and so glad you stopped in!  Choose a book on my shelf and enjoy!  Yes, that is a good one….

Here is a little about myself.  (I love bullet-ed lists, so here is one just for you.)

  • My purpose in life is bringing glory to God.
  • Writing is my method of accomplishing that purpose at this moment. Writing has long been a passion of mine and, after graduating, I plan on entering the diverse field of freelance writing (especially as a marketing copywriter in the alternative health community). I have already dabbled in book reviews, essays, poetry, and have started a copywriting course. Though this path will, like any other, require hard work, effort and a creative approach, I am looking forward to beginning this journey.
  • My first passion in life is homemaking.  There is a big difference between being a housewife and becoming a homemaker. Unfortunately, our society today does not regard homemaking as a profession…but that doesn’t mean it is not an essential path in life!
  • Home-schooled my whole life, I have loved the entire experience and would change nothing of my school years.  (Beside maybe more time to read? :P)
  • Avid reader.  I will read almost anything.  Favorite genres: historical fiction, suspense, and mysteries, though I am attempting to branch out.  Right now I am working through many poetry collections and essay anthologies. Non-fiction is a must on all my reading lists. I’m also devouring numerous classics on copywriting and marketing…
  • Writer.  Reading led to, oh dear, yes, writing.  Of course we all know that freelance writing is basically one of the hardest ways to earn a living, but my passion drives me on… For now, I prefer writing content in the marketing world and creative options like poetry, shorts stories, and essays. Moccasin Trail by Eloise McGraw clinched my interest in novel-writing and I hope to someday travel-write and have a few novels of my own.
  • I draw: graphite mostly.  Black and white has a beautiful clarity.
  • Love listening to music!  (Classical, contemporary, pop, new or old. I have tried and enjoyed all types.)
  • Singing is an art form I love…
  • Huge Sherlockian.  And by that, I mean, I was a fan before they came out with Sherlock.  I’ve read all the stories, written a fan short story and am gingerly exploring all the fan stuff out there.  So many just don’t get him right.  (And for the record, if Doyle borrowed from Poe, at least Holmes had more success than Dupin.)
  • Family: amazing mother and father, two brothers (I’m sandwiched between), a sister-in-law, a niece and a nephew.
  • I sew, knit, crochet.  Anything I can do with my hands, really.
  • I am much more in the introvert side of the equation, but very passionate in general. Especially about books, history, and health/nutrition.
  • Love movies.  A movie is like an animated book. Favorite genres: historical fiction, action, comedy, mysteries, thrillers, and old black-and-whites.


Thanks for visiting my blog! Stop by anytime. You are always welcome. God bless you!



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