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If you are looking for a blog with one topic or theme, then in one sense, this is not for you.  And yet, in a sense, I do have one theme: life.

As I started this blog for a writing class, I didn’t get much say in the content.  Originally.  And I read so many recommendations by other bloggers to choose one theme.  So, I sort of despaired of having any sort of order because I had little control over what I had to post.

But…as I started to post my own ideas, I realized that I didn’t have a theme like so many other blogs I visited anyways.  I didn’t just write about cooking, or family, or health, or travel or writing, even.

Life is not categorized.  We cannot box it away in an orderly fashion.  There is no way to keep it tidy and labeled.  And this blog is just the same.

So here is what I will post on this blog:

  • all school assignments for my creative writing class (that is required :P)
  • some of my writing: short stories, fragments, ideas, poetry, essays.
  • others’ work that inspired or spoke to me in some way.
  • topics that are important to me
  • things that I hope will bless and encourage others

I am going to enjoy and experiment all the aspects of writing.  Come along for the ride! It might be messy and confusing at times, but maybe it will match your own life at that moment. Enjoy and God bless.



I understand that you, as a reader, have your own views on topics that may not mesh with my own.  I will not apologize for mine and I would not ask you to apologize for yours.

In sensitivity to that, I would like to be honest about my own views.

  • Religious content – I am a conservative, Protestant Christian who believes that all of Scripture is God-breathed; Jesus Christ is the one and only Son of God, all God and all man, and the only way of salvation; mankind was created in God’s image but after Adam and Eve sinned, every human being is born a sinner in need of God’s grace and forgiveness. These beliefs, so important to who I am, permeate everything I write.
  • Sexual content – sex was created by God to be between one man and one woman who have, in marriage, pledged to forsake all others, until ‘death do us part’. Sex was created to be a beautiful thing, both for pleasure and children, in this context.  However, it has since been distorted. There is much abuse of this beautiful concept in our world. Because of both why sex was created and how it is often used and abused, I do not discuss it in any explicit way in my writing. If I discuss or portray aspects of making love in any of my writing, I will strive to use a mature, respectful, godly tone.
  • Language content – any words used to take God’s name in vain will not be used on this blog and other words that have a filthy connotation or that are used in a filthy way will also not be used. What comes out of our mouths is a mirror of our hearts and these things should be pure, lovely, beautiful and honoring to both God and each other. Though strong language is often part of real people, by writing it I am saying it. I think we can make strong characters without strong language. There will also be no crass or rude jokes, though playful, fun humor is allowed. 😛
  • Violence/Gore content – violence is, unfortunately, a part of our world. But, like the two above categories, I will be careful of how I portray or show violence or gore. I believe that Christians should not white-wash the troubles of the world and when writing (either fiction or non-fiction), we should not pretend that it does not exist. However, showing evil and violence in it’s true light is a far cry from enjoying and lavishing ourselves on them.  In my writing, I will show evil as it is, with the violence that often follows, but I will label any posts or stories that are explicit and I will attempt to show these things in the light they should be seen in: terrible, evil, awful things that happen as a result of our sin.

If there are any other things that you think I should address in either my content or policies, please let me know! I want this to be a safe and enjoyable place to roam.

I hope you will enjoy the rest of my blog.


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