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Senior Thesis: Involuntary Feminism

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As a home-schooled student, I have been exposed to a classical, Christian education.  This experience blessed me in more ways than I can count.

During my senior year of high school, I was required to research and write a senior thesis essay. This essay was to be the epitome of my high school experience, with everything that I have learned working together in one final written piece.

We are allowed to choose our own topic and I had an adviser as well. The whole project took about 4 months. I must then defend my thesis before three judges. They read my work ahead of time and prepare questions for a final public examination.

I really enjoyed writing this essay.  I love to research and this topic of feminism and Christianity was one that I have wanted to dig into for several years. This was an opportunity to decide for myself if I was a feminist and if feminism and conservative Protestant Christianity could co-exist.

NOTE: I wrote this with other Christians in mind and, as this essay is not about the basic tenants of my faith, I assumed that my readers would already understand the main parts of Christianity. With that in mind, I hope you can enjoy my discoveries.

Involuntary Feminism



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