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Making use of the time we have now, for we have been given assurance that God will perform His word. (Jeremiah 1:11,12)

Writing Aids

Here are some quick, practical writing tips from me.  These things helped me with my writing soooo much.  Don’t worry.  There are only five and they are quite simple. Then check out my favorite writing help books below!


Books that are specifically for writers.  May these help in your endeavors! (If you are a blogger, be sure to check out WordPress tech support: http://en.support.wordpress.com/.  They have some great advice and help that will make your blogging experience easier.  Like adding a Spotify playlist to your blog.  Who doesn’t like listening to music while they are either reading or writing? 😀 )

The Christian Writer's Market Guide

The Christian Writer’s Market  (This is a must-have for those of you interested in writing for the Christian Market. I love my copy!! This helps you chose agents, editors, publishing companies, where to sell your work, magazines, experts, etc. There is a new version every year.  You can pre-order 2018’s version now.)


Grammar book

Who’s Whose Grammar Book is This Anyway? — C. Edward Good (Grammar help.  As the cover of this book says, “All the grammar you need to succeed in life”.  Helpful rules, lessons and exercises.)


Reading Like a Writer — Francine Prose (This is for people who like to read and want to write. Extremely helpful!  Guidance on words, sentences, paragraphing, narration, character, dialogue, details, gesture, which books and authors to read and study and much more!)


The First Five Pages — Noah Lukeman (How to stay out of the rejection pile and attract the attention you want.)

Mastering suspense, Structure and Plot — Jane K. Cleland (Writing gripping work that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. Enjoying this one very much!)

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